Auburn is Hosting a Bruce Pearl Barbecue

Auburn is either completely clueless or they’re trolling Tennessee in a big way.

The school’s athletic department announced on Wednesday that it will be holding a barbecue prior to a women’s soccer game that will feature head basketball coach Bruce Pearl…

WHAT?! That picture. I mean, come on.

If you don’t remember why this is totally insane, please allow us to give you a quick refresher:

Tennessee fired Bruce Pearl in 2010 because of multiple NCAA rules violations he committed. The most glaring of these violations was a barbecue he held at his house in Knoxville at which he hosted recruits. The barbecue alone broke NCAA rules but to top it off, Bruce reportedly told recruits that attended that HE KNEW IT WAS AN NCAA VIOLATION.

Yeah, it was as stupid as it sounds.

And whether or not Auburn realizes what they’re doing (let’s be honest, they do), everyone at Tennessee can attest that holding a barbecue with Bruce Pearl is never a good idea.