Florida QB Austin Appleby Thinks Neyland Stadium Is Nothing Special

Photo Credit: Courtney Culbreath

Austin Appleby will be getting a trial by fire on Saturday. He will be making his first start as Florida’s quarterback after previous play-caller Luke Del Rio went down with a knee injury.

Appleby transferred to UF during this past offseason from Purdue. The biggest venue he’s played in during his college career is Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, which holds 88,548 people.

But, for some reason, Appleby, with all of his impressive Big Ten experience and three whole weeks in the SEC thinks Neyland Stadium is going to be no big deal…

OOOOOOOOOH... he’s been to Michigan State and Ohio State while playing for Purdue. In that case, he definitely knows exactly what it’s like to play in a sold out, raucous Neyland Stadium.

Wait, no.

That’s not true at all. It would appear that Appleby might be in for a rude awakening this weekend. If the only major road action he’s seen is at Nebraska playing for one of the worst teams in the third best conference in college football, Neyland Stadium will most likely be a shock to the system.

Just ask Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who called his experience in Neyland “a different type of loud.”