How Much is a Tennessee Football Player Worth?

Photo Credit: Bill Shipley/Shipley Photo

What if college football players were paid their market value like athletes in the NFL?

It’s a discussion that’s been happening around collegiate athletics for quite a while, so Business Insider decided to take the question and answer it. The publication took details from the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, in which players are allotted a minimum of 47% of all revenue, and applied it to college programs. Meaning, they took 47% of each school’s revenue and divided it among the standard 85 scholarship players.

The study found that Tennessee football players have a fair market value of approximately $521,854 dollars each, based on UT’s $94 million in revenue for 2014. The Vols rank third highest in player market value behind Texas and Alabama.

Check out the top 5 below or the entire list by clicking here.

  1. Texas $671,173
  2. Alabama $536,485
  3. Tennessee $521,854
  4. Michigan $487,979
  5. Auburn $479,634