Instant Reaction: WHAT WAS THAT?

Photo credit: UT Sports

Tennessee “won” their game against Appalachian State 20–13 in overtime. It was ugly. The Vols never led in regulation.

Seriously, what was that?

The offensive and defensive lines both got eaten up by the Mountaineers. App State looked like the superior team for all 40 minutes and yet, somehow, the Orange & White came out on top.

Perhaps it was the football gods or simply sheer luck. Whatever it was, it was a win and that’s what counts.

Clearly, Tennessee has a TON of work to do before the Battle at Bristol next week. Everything needs work. Overhaul it all. Offense, defense, and coaching strategy. Everything you did in this game, do the exact opposite against Virginia Tech. If I addressed everything that was concerning in that game, this post would be 4000 words long.

Best case scenario, this will be a wake up call for Tennessee. Team 120 was the most hyped team in America during the offseason and perhaps they needed this kick in the crotch to wake up and realize being a championship caliber team isn’t easy.

Bottom line: Fix it all. Work on everything. This team has a long way to go. Be happy there’s a ‘W’ in the win/loss column and go put your nose to the grindstone.


Coaches: F

Quarterbacks: D

Running Backs: B

Offensive Line: F

Wide Receivers: Tennessee has wide receivers?

Defensive Line: D

Linebackers: D (but Jalen Reeves-Maybin was out most of the game)

Secondary: B

Special teams: C (Evan Berry: A)