Take a Look at the “TenneSpeed” Board

You know a player is fast if he would be breaking speed limits for cars while running at full speed.

Last night, we found out some Vols could actually do that when UT posted their “TenneSpeed” board on social media…

Via Snapchat

Vol coaches have apparently been measuring players’ speeds in miles per hour and the results are pretty surprising. There’s some names you’d expect near the top of the list and then some speeds for other players you might never expect (i.e. defensive end Jonathan Kongbo clocking in at 18.4 mph).

If you’re straining your eyes to see everything the board says, here it is written out a little clearer and with some additional player details…

Tyler Byrd, Fr., WR — 23.7 mph

Nigel Warrior, Fr. DB — 21.6 mph

Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Sr., LB — 21.2 mph

Malik Foreman, Sr., DB — 21.1 mph

Cam Sutton, Sr., DB — 21.0 mph

Marquill Osborne, Fr., DB — 20.9 mph

John Kelly, So., RB — 20.8 mph

Jeff George, RS Jr., WR — 20.7 mph

Josh Smith, Sr., WR — 20.4 mph

Jalen Hurd, Jr., RB — 20.3 mph

Justin Martin, Jr., DB — 20.3 mph

Darrin Kirkland Jr., So., LB — 20.1 mph

Jonathan Kongbo, RS So., DL — 18.4 mph

LaTroy Lewis, RS Sr., DL — 17.7 mph

Derek Barnett, Jr., DL — 17.1 mph

Kahlil McKenzie, So., DL — 16.3 mph

Corey Vereen, Sr., DL — 16.0 mph

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