The OWR Staff Predicts Tennessee-Ohio

Photo credit: Ohio Athletics

It’s the game before the Florida game. Tennessee plays the Ohio Bobcats on Saturday and the Orange & White Report staff predicted the outcome.

According to Las Vegas, Tennessee is a 28-point favorite and the over/under is 58. Let’s get to it…

John Monroe (@MinisterofD): 2–0 straight up, 1–1 against the spread

It’s finally here, the last dress rehearsal before SEC play and the Gators. Ohio is certainly no slouch. With a high scoring offense and an average defense, the Vols can’t take them too lightly. That said, they are the worst team UT will have faced so far this season. Ohio’s game plan will be similar to App State’s: hold on to the ball and keep the Vols from getting any chances to score. Expect the Bobcats to put up a fight, especially if Tennessee comes out flat for a 3rd straight game. However Tennessee is much more talented and by the end of the 3rd the Vols should have their breathing room and start resting the starters for next week. Look for Dormady to check in for Dobbs in the 4th.

Tennessee 42

Ohio 10

Celina Summers (@CelinaSummers): 2–0, 1–1

The University of Tennessee Volunteers against the Ohio University Bobcats. I live in Ohio, nestled uncomfortably between “The” Ohio State University’s officious self-moniker just to the north and the Ohio University to the south. Head coach Frank Solich is familiar with the big game atmosphere his Bobcats will face in Neyland Stadium, but this isn’t the same team he took to the Camellia Bowl for a 2-point loss against Appalachian State. Ohio is 1–1, having lost to Texas State in a wild season opener, and then heading to defeat a woeful Jayhawks team in Kansas. UT is coming off that huge win in Bristol, and on the horizon is that team-who-shall-not-be-named. The Vols will come out fast, get their winning score, and then let the second string get some meaningful snaps. I don’t see this as a huge rout points wise, mostly because I don’t think the coaches will open up the playbook the week before TTWSNBN. But still, they’re the Volunteers, and Ohio is…Ohio. #WGWTFA Sorry Bobcats — you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Tennessee 35

Ohio 13

Sam Hiatt (@shiattVTF): 2–0, 1–1

Ohio gave up 38 points in regulation against Texas State two weeks ago, it’s hard to see any scenario where Tennessee is not able to completely impose their will, especially after the semi-dud performance in the season opener. The Vols should come out strong from the get go and never look back. I can see the boys easing up on the gas slightly in the second half as they get ready for the brutal 4-game stretch that begins next Saturday. Bottom line, #WGWTFA.

Tennessee 45

Ohio 17

Brett Botta (@BrettBotta): 2–0, 0–2

In what will be the final “tune up” game for Tennessee, the Vols need to get the passing game on track. Ohio has only given up 132 yards rushing this season against Texas St and Kansas respectively. While Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara will get their opportunities, Josh Dobbs and the wide receivers are going to have to win a game through the air at some point this year and this is the time to prove it can be done. Ohio’s offense is averaging over 500 yards a game and will have some confidence coming into Neyland Stadium. Too bad for the Bobcats they haven’t faced a defense with half as much talent as Shoop’s Troops. This game should be over at halftime with the backups getting some reps in the second half. How great would it be to not only see Dormady get reps, but also sideline hero, Sheriron Jones, take Tennessee home in the victory formation.

Tennessee 37

Ohio 17

Parks Buchanan (@ParksBuchanan): 2–0, 1–0

Week 3 is a boring one for the Vols as they play Ohio University. It should be a blowout following the huge week 2 win against Virginia Tech in Bristol. I think the offense lights the place on fire striking through the air and on the ground. I’m hoping to see the ball in Tyler Byrd’s hands more; he has great potential with his speed. Defense will be all right, although, missing linebacker Darrin Kirkland will be terrible. Great blowout win for the Vols in week 3:

Tennessee 45

Ohio 10

Charlie Burris (@Charlie_Burris): 2–0, 1–1

Can we just get to the Florida game already? I know that’s not good to say because Ohio is not a completely terrible team, but, come on, let’s just get to it. If we have to talk about Saturday’s game, Ohio has a decent offense and a bad defense. Tennessee is more talented at every level. The Bobcats run an offensive set similar to Appalachian State, which is worrisome, but I think Bob Shoop’s defense will lock things down once again. It’s also probably safe to assume, Butch and DeBord will be ultra-conservative on offense and will try to save all of their energy for Florida. A strategy which I did not condone against Appalachian State but that I’m fine with this week because of the glaring talent discrepancy. I don’t think this will be a huge blowout but it should be a decisive win thanks to more great defense and passable offense.

Tennessee 31

Ohio 7